Eurachem Ireland is an organisation for people working in chemistry in Ireland, with a focus on analytical chemistry. Chemistry students are welcome too. Eurachem Ireland promotes the objectives of Eurachem ( in Ireland including good quality practices. To learn more about Eurachem's current activities, please click here Eurachem Activities. Other objectives of Eurachem Ireland include, but are not limited to:


Eurachem Ireland Upcoming Workshop - Topic: TBC

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop originally planned for Autumn 2020 has been postponed until it is feasible to safely run a physical event again. It is hoped that the workshop will take place in Q1/Q2 2023 in the Shared Facilities Building, Backweston Lab Campus, Young's Cross, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, W23 VW2C.

Details of the workshop, or any alternative virtual events, will be made available as soon as possible.

Past Events

Webinar on "Water Monitoring Challenges – Are analytical methods meeting the demands posed by old and new chemicals of concern?", delivered by Prof. Fiona Regan, DCU Water Institute, and Lindsay Connolly,Arup.

March 22nd 2022 - Held remotely

Webinar facilitated by Eurachem Ireland, as part of World Water Day, and kindly delivered by Prof. Fiona Regan, DCU Water Institute, and Lindsay Connolly, Arup on the topics of "Analytical Developments to Address the Chemical Cocktail in our Water", and "Groundwater Monitoring: Challenges and Best Practice", respectively.

Webinar on "Meeting our Energy Targets - Sustainable Practices in Laboratories", delivered by Dr. Una Fitzgerald, NUIG.

Nov 18th 2021 - Held remotely

1st webinar organised by Eurachem Ireland, and kindly delivered by Dr. Una Fitzgerald, NUIG on the topics of lab sustainability and green chemistry, which had been flagged as a topic of keen interest for many of our mailing list members.

See below for a video recording of Dr. Fitzgerald's presentation, and here for a copy of the slides from the presentation.

See link for Irish Green Labs Network:

Eurachem Ireland-Facilitated Discussion on Replicate Analysis

Sep 16th 2021 - Held remotely

A targeted discussion on the topic of replicate analysis was organised and facilitated by members of Eurachem Ireland, with Quality representatives from a number of organisations across the network. The aim was to explore the different approaches to replicate analysis and management of replicate results, with a view to understanding the approach taken by different labs, and the reasons for these approaches.

See here for summary document of discussion on replicate analysis.

Workshop - "Measurement Uncertainty and Uncertainty for Compliance Assessment"

October 8th 2019, in Backweston Lab Campus, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

Workshop run by Vicki Barwick and Steve Ellison, LGC.

Eurachem Autumn Workshop Oct 2019_MU

Participants at the Eurachem Ireland Autumn Workshop Oct 2019

Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition, April 12th 2019

This year the host institution was Carlow I.T., and the competition featured 26 teams representing 14 different academic institutions. This year's winners were a team from Carlow I.T., Zsanett Antal and Valerija Gogo.

Eurachem 2018 Scientific Workshop and General Assembly - Workshop:"Data - Quality, Analysis and Integrity"

Workshop: May 14th and 15th 2018, in Dublin Castle

General Assembly: May 16th-18th, Dublin Castle

Workshop - "Hyphenated Analytical Techniques - Fundamentals, Applications and Challenges"

October 19th 2017, in Backweston Lab Campus, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

Workshop presentations are available now by clicking here to download.

TrainMic workshop Part III, Spring 2017

Topics covered:

What is TrainMiC?

TrainMiC is a European Programme that aims to provide harmonised training to those working in analytical chemistry throughout Europe and is applicable in many different sectors (environment, food, consumer protection, etc.). The training courses are developed, validated and regularly updated by a European team of experts. Attendance at a TrainMiC workshop should help to improve the quality of chemical measurements and also help with interpreting some of the requirements of ISO 17025. There are currently nine modules in the TrainMiC syllabus. The entire syllabus can therefore be covered in three workshops. Eurachem Ireland facilitates the running of one of these day long workshops each spring meaning that the entire syllabus can be covered in a three year period. Attendance at part I or II is not necessary for attendance at part III.

Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition, April 7th 2017

This year it was hosted by Dublin Institute of Technology and included a Let's Agree to Agree - The Importance of Valid.

The winning team was from Sligo Institute of Technology.

Guest lecture from Dr.Vicki Barwick, Head of Commercial Training LGC (UK) and Chair, Eurachem Education & Training Working Group on the topic Measurements

Eurachem Ireland Workshop

Method Development (LC-MS/MS) and Method Validation Workshop

October 27th 2016 in Backweston, Celbridge, Co.Kildare.

Workshop presentations are now available for a limited time. Please click here to download.

Participants at the Eurachem Ireland Method Development (LC-MS/MS) and Method Validation Workshop, October 2016.

Participants at the Eurachem Ireland Method Development (LC-MS/MS) and Method Validation Workshop, October 2016

Method Development (LC-MS/MS) and Method Validation Workshop

This workshop took place in Gent, Belgium, May 9-10th 2016. Please click here for a report on the workshop from one of our Eurachem Ireland members who attended.

TrainMic workshop Part 11, April 20th 2016

Topics covered:

TrainMic workshop Part 1, June 9th 2015

Topics covered:

Irish Mass Spectrometry Society Meeting, May 18th 2016

Poster Presentation on Eurachem Ireland

CASI - Conference on Analytical Sciences Ireland, April 14-15th 2016

Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition, April 15th 2016

Hosted by Athlone Institute of Technology. Winning team was from Limerick Institute of Technology

Eurachem Ireland Sponsorships

Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Postgraduate Research Symposium Sep 2020 - Eurachem Ireland Prize for Best Flash Presentation, won by Fiona Gordon, from NUI Galway.

Environ 2020 Conference of the Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland, Oct 2020 - Eurachem Ireland Prize for Best Analytical Poster, won by Stuart McMichael, University of Ulster.

72nd Irish Chemistry Research Colloquium, June 2021 - Eurachem Ireland Prize for Best Analytical Chemistry Presentation, won by Niamh O'Mahoney, UCC.

You can become involved in Eurachem Ireland by:

  1. Joining the mailing list to stay informed of the activities of Eurachem Ireland. Email to request to join the mailing list. Information will also be available on
  2. Joining the Linkedin group 'Eurachem Ireland' to stay informed of Eurachem and Eurachem Ireland activities.
  3. Emailing your suggestions for Eurachem Ireland activities to a member of the Eurachem Ireland Committee.

Members of the Eurachem Ireland Committee:

Hugh Fay (Chair) Henkel Ireland
Helen Cantwell (Vice Chair) The State Laboratory
Colmán Ó Ríordáin (Secretary) The State Laboratory
Veronika Gubarkova (Treasurer) The State Laboratory
Patrice Behan Technical University Dublin
Ted McGowan Sligo Institue of Technology
Trudy McMurray Northern Ireland Environment Agency
Sarah Maher Technical University Dublin
Aoife Morrin Dublin City University

Eurachem's technical activity is carried out by its various Working Groups. Working groups activities typically involve:

Irish members of Eurachem Working Groups:

Please click here for reports of working group meetings attended by Irish Representatives.

Group Name Irish Member Organisation
Education and Training Brian Murphy Athlone Institute of Technology
Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability Éidín Christie Environmental Protection Agency
Method Validation Helen Cantwell State Laboratory
Yvonne Bogan Marine Institute
John Clancy Henkel Ireland
Éidín Christie Environmental Protection Agency
Proficiency Testing Vacancy
Qualitative Analysis Vacancy
Uncertainty from Sampling Vacancy
Selection and Use of Reference Materials Olivia O'Connor State Laboratory